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Welcome to the Dodge City High School Class of 1964 Message Forum.

Here you can post your impressions and comments about the Class Reunion.

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02/12/14 06:31 PM #1    

Michael E. Crawford

Welcome to the Dodge City High School Class of 1964 Message Forum.

Here you can post your impressions and comments about the Class Reunion.

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Please also visit the Legacy Forum and post a brief line or two on something you have done that has benefitted others

10/10/14 02:52 PM #2    

Julia Ann "Julie" Brazda (Gum)

There are "no words" to adequately describe our class reunion.  I loved each moment. I missed the classmates who were unable to come. 

10/10/14 03:58 PM #3    

Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Salm (Watson)

Missed you, Mike Crawford, but David did his best to fill in for you - so sometimes he was even addressed as Mike! Had hoped to see you. Will comment more later, but it was a truly amazing time and am so glad I was able to attend, as is my hubby, Warren.


Sorry if I didn't get to talk with someone - there was so much going on and so many people. If I missed speaking directly with anyone - and I am sure I did - I regret not getting to talk with you directly!!!



10/11/14 07:31 PM #4    

Jo Anne Brown (Beezley)

I really enjoyed the reunion. Thanks to all the planners and hosts! All the work made for a fantastic weekend!

I know that I didn't get a chance to say hello to everyone, but I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.

Jo Anne Brown Beezley

10/12/14 04:33 PM #5    

Janalee Elizabeth Beals

I would like to add my thoughts to our forum... I think we all had a great time and are very thankful to Bebo and her cast of many that pulled off our Reunion!  Hip Hip Hooray!  But more should be said about our class as a whole.  My husband was very impressed by our friendliness and the genuine happiness we shared as we greeted each other and our spouses.  I believe that says volumes about each and every one of us.  A special thanks to Mike for creating this site and giving us a really neat way to connect! ... Janalee

11/02/14 01:25 PM #6    

Ernest Leslie "Les" Mounts

there aren't enough words or time to express how much I appreciated the effort for the organizers putting this together. As Julia stated, time flies so fast. loved ones remembered and lost. Famlies created and lost. Our class was a GREAT class. It was evident at all the events. We all should make an effort to try to contact each of our classmates while they are still alive and just say "howdy" . I especially appreciate the booklet, it has most of our addresses, e's and phone numbers. Again, thanks to all our classmates for just being you!

11/03/14 12:16 PM #7    


Patricia Mae Mounts (Powell)

I was delighted to receive the Reunion Booklet and read the news of my classmates since leaving HS. Saddened also at the passing of the others that I had known. Like my brother, Les, keeping in touch with those remaining should be on our minds in having the addresses: email, FB, or USPS. I wish each and all of you a very blessed life. 

Patricia Powell (Mounts)

11/29/14 11:13 PM #8    


Clyde Paul Goff

. FANTASTIC is a great way to describe our 50th class reunion. If you couldn't make it, we missed you .It was fun to see everyone again. We have an exceptional class!!  "Yea class of '64!!! A huge thank you to Bebo and everyone who worked to make it the smashing success that it was. To everyone who took time to come, it was because of you that we had such a great turnout. To those who sent photos, thank you. It was fun to watch them. May God watch over you until we meet again at our next class reunion.This is listed under Clyde, but Nancy sent it. I guess that's what happens when you share an E-mail address.

12/07/14 04:24 PM #9    

Martha Eileen Caughron (Gray)

It seems to me that Sandy beautifully covered a multitude of subjects on the Saturday evening after the banquet. The one major exception would be ... we never duscussed the teachers - both the ones that bring a smile to our lips and "the others". One of the questions we filled out and were put in our memory books was Favorite High School Memory. Much of my answer was cut out (no doubt because of sheer frustration at the length of my ramblings). However, I will put them out to you now, asking for you to add your memories and perhaps correcting mine.

Oh where do I start to recall my favorite memory of Dodge City Senior High School? So many occasions come back to me. How could I settle for one?

I remember the Arts Galas and the Pop Concerts; the band playing Storm King which became their theme song. I remember horses,and motorcycles crossing the floor at the Civic Center. I remember going to district and state music fesivals where we received 1s.(Thank you Mr. Conner.) I remember the band going to the Rose Bowl - how DCHS made parade history by continuing to play the entire length of the Parade not just past the special judges' stand. There had to be a lot of blown lips that day. I remember that they carried (actually rolled) that huge drum which made quite a national stir. (Thank you Mr. Harms and Mr and Mrs Beals.) I remember the many horribly funny stories about Mr. Harms. Such a showman! Anyone else remember the one about the gft of a llama and how he didn't have to mow his yard again until he sent the llama to the city zoo? I wonder where Craig is now, Last I heard, he was in Woodlawn Park, CO but that was 30+ years ago. I'll bet he could flesh out a lot of stories about his Dad.  I remember being at district music festival for orchestras when we heard the news that President Kennedy had been shot. The performance that evening continued but was dedicated to him. 

I remember the excellent mini productions of our cheer leaders, our twirlers, and our drill team - the best in our district of schools.

I remember the debate and forensic tourneys. I remember the productions of The King and I, Julius Caesar, and Romeo and Juliet. I thought of the director as being larger than life and remembered that when she was in high school, my Mother was her drama coach. (Thank you Miss Brennan.)

I remember that I saw two students that crossed the stage for their diplomas that I'd never seen before. Where had they been hiding.Maybewhere had I been hiding, Only 204 (Janalee Beals says I'm on crack - that there were 24? students) went across that stage that day. Surely we should have known each and everyone of them.

I remember, with pride, all of the games of football, basketball and the track meets at which we excelled. The Demons had no close rivals - in my memory. (Thank you Mr Stanton and entire coaching staffs.)

I remember "The Dodger" newspaper, where I was lucky enough to be appointed editor -- for one week. (Thank you Miss Jones.) I remember leaving‘chool to sell ads for the paper. We ended up on Watt Earp Blvd and hada Coke. but always made it back in time for 6th hour. I remember our annual "The Sou'Wester" and the hours that it must have taken to put it together. (Thank you Ms Chaney).

I remember that students knew the first name of most every teacher in the building never used it

I remember tasting the unknown in Chemistry because I knew that, sooner or later, I would get salt. (What was I thnking??) Miracle upon miracle ... there are no holes in my tongue.

I remember the outhouse on the walk in front of the school at Halloween. (I have no idea who to thank for that one.)

I remember my first foray in cussing ... when we'd go down the long hallways shouting "Who in the hall do you want?" as if it were a password. Yep, Pretty tame.

I remember being late for school and having to check in with Miss Haig. I remember having 2nd hour Government with her and rarely seeing her in the classroom because she was still working on attendance. She never yelled at me. (Thank you Miss Haig.)

I remember translating Caeser's Commentaries - Omnia Gallia est dividi en partes tres (All of Gaul is divided into three parts) and the pig roast for the Latin Club Banquet. I remember taking my little sister one year and the next year taking my little brother to be my slaves. We used a pillow case for their costumes. My slaves were badly behaved. They wandered and talked with everyone there (often knowing younger sibs of my friends) rather than seving their mistress. Should have "sold" them on the spot. (Thank you Mrs Campbell.)

I remember Mr Marsh telling us (World Hisrory) why the Brits settled in America. He said it was a step up from living on the south side of a hill, when sheep were grazing on the north side -over the crest of that hill. "The smell would kill you." And having worn a wool jacket in the rain, I believed him.

We pulled so many pranks that in schools today, they'd have you in out of school detension or alternative schooling. The teachers just smiled OR smiled while yelling at you. At one time, I could have told you the Capitols of every country in the world,the Capitols of every state in the Union, and the county seats of every county in Kansas. I got goofed up when countries started changing their names (esp in Africa) and never caught up again, In many ways, my world is still defined by the "old names" when the country I referrenced no longer exists. I believe the expression "old foggie" comes to mind.

We were good kids and we received a quality education. It is only in looking back that it seems to be so amazing. Many schools today, don't have the advantages we were given as a matter of course, Not only in the classroom but with extra cirricular. No school seems to have figured out that "letters" can be given for drama, music, grades etc as well as sports. We did this 50 years ago.

No, I cannot recall a single favorite memory. After 50 years, they all mush together ... and make me smile.

Looking forward to your thoughts additions, subtractions and corrections.

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